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Cloud Restaurants Launches Go! Cook, A DIY Cooking Kit

20 May 2020

It’s yet another day of self-isolation. This is a tough time but don’t worry, Go! Cook by Cloud Restaurants are here for you. If you love cooking but the thought of going to the supermarket at the moment is still making you feel uneasy, then listen to this super yummy solution that will banish your boredom.

Introducing Go! Cook, freshly made and high-quality ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep to make restaurant-quality dishes all by yourself. Plan the perfect occasion with your family with the Go! Cook DIY cooking kit and create your meals in under 15 minutes.

At Go! Cook everything is freshly homemade. Pastas, sauces, yummy frozen munchies, you name it, everything is prepared to be delivered to your door oh so fresh. All natural with no preservatives, you are guaranteed to be eating delicious, healthy food that can be cooked in your very own kitchen under 15 minutes.

Order pasta; freshly made Tortellini, Gnocchi, Ravioli. How about some yummy munchies; Mozzarella Balls, Vegetable Spring rolls, Halloumi Fries or Mushroom Risotto Arancini’s to stash in the freezer for the next day. Why not try some healthy and wholesome dips such as Tzatziki and Eggplant dip or Pita Breads imported directly from Greece.

Go! Cook can be ordered exclusively via Deliveroo, making it as simple as ordering a take-away, but you get the satisfaction that you cooked this meal all by yourself! All food packages are placed with nutritional labels and instructions are sent with every order. Meaning that you know exactly what you are eating, something you do not get the luxury of knowing when ordering takeaways.

Go! Cook, it’s like cooking but more fun and less prep work! You’re welcome.


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