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Cloud Restaurants, The Team Behind The Most Successful Delivery-Only Restaurant Brands In The UAE

11 May 2020

Feeling like ordering online delicious Italian, Greek, Chinese or something healthy? No matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for, Dubai based, homegrown Cloud Restaurants have it all with just a few simple clicks online. Passionate about creating the best online restaurants for the food delivery world, Cloud Restaurants is behind some of the most successful delivery-only restaurants in the UAE, dishing up fun, fresh and delicious food.

Launched in 2018 and encouraging people to just go for it, Go! is Cloud Restaurant’s first chapter of successful delivery-only restaurants developed for cloud kitchens and includes: Go! Pasta, Go! Risotto, Go! Greek, Go! Healthy, Go! Chinese and Go! Noodle. Super easy to order from your favourite online ordering platform like Deliveroo, Zomato, Talabat, and Careem you can have top quality cuisines of the world delivered at your doorstep to eat at your desk, home and even in bed! You can thank us later.

A food-technology online restaurant developer, Cloud Restaurants is passionate about creating the best online restaurants for the food delivery world, taking time to ensure that each individual concept has its own unique flavor, story and character, meaning that no online restaurant owned by Cloud Restaurants is the same.

Founded by husband and wife duo Ziad and Rowan Kamel, Cloud Restaurants was established through their common love for food and their lifelong commitment to innovating and growing their restaurant business.

“Our dream is to be the best online-restaurant company in the world! Our purpose is to create meaningful online restaurants using the most noble ingredients, innovative sustainable packaging, and enjoyable customer experiences. We are dedicated to innovating the online restaurant industry and operating at the highest standards possible. If you order food online, we want it to be from Cloud Restaurants.”

With a strong and fast-growing team of over 50 people, Cloud Restaurants’ online business is constantly innovating, developing and adapting at an incredible speed to keep up with the fast-pace city which we all know and love.

Here are some of the most popular online restaurants from Cloud Restaurants, available for your orders in Dubai on Deliveroo, Zomato, Talabat, Careem:

Go! Pasta

Go! Pasta has probably already found its way to your doorstep and if it hasn’t, you’re missing out! We only use fresh homemade pasta and you can build your own bowl with countless customizable options. Less pasta, more veggies and protein? Go! Pasta has got you. Like to keep it classic? Don’t we all! There are so many pastabilities.

Go! Greek

Missing that slice of the Mediterranean you were supposed to be having this summer? Bring Greece to you with Go! Greek. Bowls, pitas and more, Go! Greek can deliver the most authentic fresh Greek ingredients right to your door. Try healthy, modern delicious Greek street-food. You’ll want to go back for more.

Go! Healthy

Trying to shift that lockdown weight? Go! Healthy believe in great food, not diets. A macro-counted menu, Go! Healthy is full of delicious, healthy, fulfilling, fresh, calorie counted and macro labeled wraps, bowls and snacks. If you’re after meal plans, Go! Healthy offers daily meal plans which means fresh food delivered when you want it, and no expensive subscriptions.  Serving nutritious options right from breakfast through to dinner, Go! Healthy also offers guiltless desserts for you to devour.

Go! Chinese

Healthier and better, Go! Chinese believes in using only top-quality ingredients and cooking methods ensuring flavor packed dishes which are lighter and feel better. The menu is created with the most loved Chinese dishes like Sweet & Sour, Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Kung Pao, and Mongolian Beef. You can even build your own bowl! Feeling lucky? Don’t forget to check out your fortune in the fortune cookie within each order!

Go! Noodle

Udon know how much we love our noodles! The ultimate noodle restaurant with authentic and modern interpretations on the lovable noodle. Whether you like your bowl saucy or drunken, you are sure to find something drool worthy. Dumplings, Pad Thai, Salmon Teriyaki noodles, & Drunken Laksa Coconut Curry. Slurp your way through this deliciously humble menu. Oh, and don’t forget to check your fortune in the fortune cookie within each order!

Go! Cook

You’re the chef! It’s not just sour dough you should be making at home to combat the current world crisis. Go! Cook delivers easy-to-make meal kits and frozen munchies to your doorstep that will make you look like a pro chef! Thanks to Go! Cook, you will now be able to spend your ‘date nights’ in the comfort of your own home with simple step by step instructions with all the ingredients packed neatly together and sent with love.

Go! Greek has been recognized as one of the top performing cloud restaurants in Dubai and has one of highest ratings on Deliveroo. Cloud Restaurants have launched an impressive six brands and 14 branches in less than two years and they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

No matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for, Cloud Restaurants will satisfy your food desires with fulfilling dishes from its online restaurants. Keep an eye on this online restaurant developer, as there are plenty more scrumptious dishes in the pipeline, just waiting to be delivered to your home.

Fact Box

Name: Cloud Restaurants

Brands: Go! Pasta, Go! Risotto, Go! Greek, Go! Healthy, Go! Chinese, Go! Noodle, Go! Cook


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