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There are so many pastabilities with Go! Pasta

22 July 2020

Eat More Fresh & Homemade Pasta! Scrap the ‘weekend treat’ motto we all seem to live by, pasta should be enjoyed any night of the week! The perfect comfort food, pasta has been man’s yummiest friend for as long as we can remember. Now, thanks to Go! Pasta, ordering a helping of carbs doesn’t have to be as unhealthy as it once was, and it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penne either!

Go! Pasta is the new way to order your favourite Italian food. Offering build your own bowls, you can choose just how naughty you want to get. Want to keep nutrition in mind? Less pasta. more veggies and protein will be your way to go. Want to keep it classic? Have all the pasta that you can fit in the bowl. Now we’ve got your attention, right? The best thing about Go! Pasta is that you can still enjoy the best things in life (yes, PASTA!) whilst still watching your carb intake. Perfect now Summer quickly has come around and we are all still trying to lose that unavoidable stubborn weight gain thanks to lockdown. So, want the low-down on how a night of pasta-tively good food will look? Let pasta be served! For an appetizer, try 4 Risotto Arancini Stuffed With Mushrooms, homemade arancini balls stuffed with mozzarella buffalo and mushrooms. Alternatively, the Summer Beets Salad. A refreshingly delicious spiralized beet salad topped with watermelon and cantaloupe and mixed with basil and cherry tomatoes. Your main? Build your own pasta bowl. Choose from classic or light (less pasta, more veggies) and build away! Decide between TEN (!) different types of pasta. With so many pastabilities, from Pumpkin Gnocchi and Tagliatelle to Zoodles (carb-less pasta) and Whole Weat Penne. Next, choose your sauce. Alfredo, Pesto, Truffle Cream, you name it, Go! Pasta have it. Next, pick your protein. If you’re a keen veggie, you can opt to have none. If you’re a meat lover, perhaps try Shrimp or Smoked Salmon. Accompany your pasta with two veggies, with options from Sautéed Spinach to Sundried Tomatoes. To round off your feast of a main dish, add cheese (of course!) with the opportunity to add even more veggies, half a baguette and even more cheese. It doesn’t get any chedder than this. To top this flavourful menu off, all of Go! Pasta’s pasta is completely homemade. Super fresh, it will definitely pasta the taste test. Offer: Go! Healthy Price: Customizable, starting from AED 23 Venue: Go! Healthy by Cloud Restaurants Location: Deliveroo Time: 10AM-10PM 


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