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5 ways to become a top chef at home: The most creative cooking kits available for delivery in the UAE

21 June 2020

4. Go! Cook

Go! Cook, a DIY cooking kit, can be ordered through Deliveroo. Courtesy Go! Cook

Chances are you’ve heard about Cloud Restaurants, the home-grown concept that only does deliveries through Deliveroo, with branches including Go! Pasta, Go! Greek and Go! Healthy.

Now, the platform has added Go! Cook to the roster. Available exclusively through Deliveroo, customers can have measured ingredients delivered to their doorsteps so they can make restaurant-quality dishes in under 15 minutes. On the menu are pastas, sauces, marinated chicken and frozen starters. Ingredients are accompanied by nutritional labels and instructions so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Delivery can be made throughout Dubai. A meal for two costs roughly Dh50.

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